rode about 40 miles on the bike today, round trip to REI in Santa Rosa. got me a water filter to replace the broken LifeStraw. I went with the Sawyer this time, it looks a lot more rugged.

the large, padded seat, as I've probably mentioned before, doesn't help all that much. I keep sliding forward, it's hard to keep good posture, and my butt and balls still hurt, albeit not as bad as with the tiny factory seat.

from Commerce Blvd., turning right onto Golf Course Drive to make a left onto Roberts Lake Rd., is still a real hassle for bicyclists. the traffic doesn't want to let you in to make your left turn. lots of road rage here. I was almost deliberately run over by a cowgirl in a monster pickup truck once. today I just had to curse a lot and give lots of hand signals (no upraised middle finger -- probably counterproductive) and I finally got across.

40 miles is about the maximum per day I'd want to go on this rig. oh, and I've got to change the front bearings. when I sing to myself while riding, the tremolo is added by the front wheel automatically. and every now and then there's some banging and clanging going on. not a good sign.

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