van camping outside Caspar Inn on Friday night, I could smell pot wafting through the open window late at night, and had some weird dreams. in one, a stocky, moustached, smiling, well-dressed man (brown shirt and navy jacket and pants... not many could make that work but he did) kept advancing towards me, pushing me back, over and over.

another dream that same night was a recurring dream in which I had a bracelet-type thing that was supposedly the "New Universal Bible" which I had never read. some woman said she told me years ago that to read it I needed the key. she showed me, a bracelet like mine with two other pieces, each of which looked something like 3/8" by 8" zip ties, joined together somehow.

last night I had a dream of a race similar to the Kinetic Grand Championship, and met a black guy selling some knick-knacks like butterflies, the color of amber LEDs, and incongruously, well-made American tools. he used to be a Moonie, he told me.

when we got home today I went to Grocery Outlet and bought a Hurricane malt liquor for a dollar, a tasteless brew only useful for the alcohol buzz, and drank it down by the river in defiance of local ordinances. it's important to find TAZes (google Temporary Autonomous Zones) in your area and use the hell out of them. then, after a nap in the tall grass, went to the gym for a short workout followed by a shower and shave.

missing ej Parker. "he" still posts on Facebook but it's his wife Andrea, who's having a hell of a time with him in lockup. I guess I'd better write him a postcard or something.

most of the country doesn't even realize we're already in a civil war. cold, for now, but that could change overnight. and a large percentage are cheering for the enemy, either the red or blue teams. the trumpmonkeys and berniebabies. the coming years are going to be dismal. I hope I'll be ready in time.

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