oh, another thing last night: I stopped at the big hospital in the southern part of Laguna Beach to see if I could warm up there. nobody bothered me for about 10 minutes, but obviously somebody was observing the security cameras because after a while a guard came and asked what I was doing. I told him and asked if I could warm up for a few more minutes. we agreed on 10 more, and I left after 20 minutes total. not a big help but something. this was the first time I'd tried that since that night the Deming cops threatened me with arrest.

the world could be a lot different. instead of paying good money to heat buildings, more people could be invited in instead; you're getting their body heat in exchange for keeping them alive.

and that thing I keep harping on: if humanure composting were more widespread, and thus human "wastes" become instead resources, there would be a lot more public "toilet" facilities, well-maintained in order to score more fertilizer.

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