so my experiments with the dromedary bag as an ear syringe were inconclusive. I ended up asking a certain someone to bring my known-good bulb from up north down, and used that after pouring peroxide into each ear and letting it bubble for a while. got a big lump out of my left ear with the first squirt or two, but didn't get much out of the right ear at all. so where did it go? it must have come out with the water from the Dromedary bag, but damned if I saw it. anyway, a short piece of the same 1/8" ID vacuum hose with which I fixed my bike pump, stuck over the end of the Dromedary cap, was what made it work better.

went to hear Terry Townson at Hyatt Place tonight. there was a youngish (30s?) guy with a red beard at a nearby table, with two other guys, that I vaguely recognized, and my gut told me he was a potential enemy. but when he walked past me later, I nodded and he nodded back. maybe know him from a dream? no idea.

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