so the other day, on my way east for something or other, I passed Autopartes Zepeda, on the corner of Hidalgo y Costilla and Gómez Farias, and asked if they had any shrink tubing. the clerk pretended he knew what I meant, and brought out the wrong thing. so I managed to explain that what I wanted se reduce en diametro cuando se aplica ... heat, temporarily forgetting the word calor, and they understood. and it was only 13 pesos per meter! far cheaper than the little packs of different size one finds at most other places.

and then last night, the car wouldn't start, so instead I met my lady at the terminal with my hand truck. later I cut my Vertex charger and attempted to trickle-charge the battery overnight. no help. this morning, as soon as the sun reached over the neem tree, I hooked it up to the battery terminals and attempted to start: rat-a-tat-a-tat! a loud sound like the solenoid cutting in and out, but no attempt to turn over the motor. and the voltage at the battery terminals was climbing up to 15 volts, so I figured the battery had had it.

went back to Zepeda, and they had the battery I needed right at the door, a drop-in replacement for Ford Explorer. and only about 1300 pesos. brought it back on my trust hand truck, installed it, and vroom! back in business.

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