experiments, experiments... the Dromedary bag thing didn't work. the ear pain is back with a vengeance. I need to be able to direct the stream of water better into the inner ear.

today I risked losing my jog map, simply exiting MapFactor Navigator rather than the 3 steps of going to Tools then Record/Replay/Manage GPS files, then finally Stop recording. luckily that worked, and now I know I won't have to bother going through the extra hassle again. it's especially tedious in strong sunlight when I can barely see the screen.

bought a packet of half-price cheese at Arámburo, and a telera roll, and made me a grilled cheese sandwich using my pot lid and heavy Pyrex bowl to smash it flat. it was delish. got to remember those packets of odds-and-ends cheese, they're a real bargain for protein at about MXN58 per kilo.

left that immersion suit I haven't been able to get rid of down on a bench on the malecon with a sign on it, MXN200 or USD12, with my PayPal address. someone will probably just walk off with it, but that's cool too. even better if I get my money back.

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