forgot to report the test of the Dromedary bag as an ear irrigator: it might have worked. I didn't see a big lump of wax come out as expected, but the water warmed up in the bag, lying in the sun, nicely; and holding the nozzle to my right ear with my right hand, and squeezing the bag (filled with half water and half air) with the other hand, I got a nice jet of warm water going into the ear canal. and I'm not feeling any pain in my ear for the last 36 hours or so since I did the trial. so, I'm hopeful. I'll try it again someday.

oh yeah, if you do it sitting down, cover your legs with something so they don'tget all wet. a raincoat or tarp will do, or in my case a neoprene laptop bag I unzipped all the way so both halves covered my legs nicely. later today I ruined that same bag by putting a hot cooking pot on it. may have ruined the pot, too, it's got a bunch of black plastic burned onto the bottom of it now.

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