cooking experiments: added chia seed to my last big batch of biscuit mix. I like the added flavor and texture, and it tends to mitigate the pancakey (is that a word?) nature of the batter I've been getting since I switched from sour milk to real yogurt. although I did get some nice pancakes out of some of the last batch by adding enough water to make it soupy.

today I panfried some fish (cabrilla, sea bass) in that flour/yogurt batter, and it was good, but the one piece I dusted with garlic powder, pepper, and salt was much better tasting.

made my 2nd batch of beans using the thermal ballast/haybox method. actually it's still on its third hayboxing, but after the 2nd they were tender enough to eat. I'll pull them out within the next couple of hours and munch down. this time I used rocks instead of bones. found some nice smooth ones, that red igneous rock used around here for construction, down off the malecon.

I've been cleaning up the colorforth jc2007 sources, getting rid of duplicate code and updating the configuration files to account for the changes in qemu, bochs, and other things over the past 8 years. it now assembles properly to run under both those emulators, and I added a 3rd video mode, 0x4111, for 640x480 graphics to view the whole thing on a WSVGA 1024x600 netbook. maybe I can get vmplayer working tonight. damn, but my Mandelbrot program is so much slower than Mark Slicker's. unfortunately his has the size hard-coded, or so I remember.

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