in addition to the tea tree oil idea I blogged last year, another Facebook friend gave me what looks like a promising suggestion for my post-nasal drip.

If it happens to be a chronic low level fungal infection, then using a nebulizer (the kind for asthma. Look for one on ebay or many drug stores, making sure it's unusued) then use half and half sterile saline and NANO-silver (not just colloidal silver, but specifically nano-silver by Results RNA. The particles are much smaller and so penetrate better.

Use the nebulizer as directed except breathe through your nose entirely to get the silver penetrating into your sinuses.

Alternatively, you could use a neti pot used as directed with the saline solution and adding a small amount of silver, increasing the amount until you find the amount that is uncomfortable for you.

The neti pot method is second best, but obviously easier as you don't need any special equipment.

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