so I wasted 40 pesos today at El Parnazo, having a liter of beer after my jog. 30 for the beer (5 pesos off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays), and 10 for a tip. so, I couldn't afford enough ground beef to make a burger; but I had enough for some aserrín and still had enough left for a roll: MXN11.60 total, only about 70 cents. and I still have enough meat left for another few days. this is a great place to be on an extreme budget.

yesterday I cut up my avocado seed and put the pieces in with my brine-pickled salsa. I ate a piece today and, thanks to the acidity of the pickles, didn't notice the bitterness until the last two bites or so. since these seeds are about the same level of tannic bitterness as acorns, this should give me an idea of how well pickling acorns would work.

started another batch of yogurt today. hope this one comes out better than the last. I did figure out how to heat it on the stove; using a thermometer the other day, I heated water to a point where I couldn't keep my hand in it for more than 3 seconds, and that was 115 degrees. so I plan to keep reheating and hayboxing this until it gels.

my cold hasn't gotten noticeably worse since yesterday, but it's not any better either. so, going on 48 hours with no end yet in sight. I'm gonna count this as my 3rd sickness this year. not good.

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