another happy client on upwork.com. I guess I just wasn't on it enough, bidding on enough jobs. the money is just rolling in at the moment. I don't count on it to last, though. gonna keep my spending down as low as I can.

whatever that bug I got a couple days ago was, it's gone. it only had me for the first few hours, and even then it was just a tickle in the throat, just barely different enough from my normal postnasal drip to notice. I've got to always be relentless when I feel something coming on, and stay on probiotics and away from sugar until the immune response kicks in.

just made some more low-tech ceviche with cabrilla and my brine-pickled salsa, along with the juice from one orange I found on the sidewalk a few days ago. there wasn't enough acid for it to "cook" well, so it was really a mix of ceviche and sashimi, so it may be problematic. no real GI distress yet though.

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