the other day, as I was levering that log out of the way, I had the momentary experience of my life flashing before my eyes. but I rested, and survived. today, after my hike, a friend said she thought I was having a heart attack, but other than being tired and a little light-headed, I felt fine.

back to the hike: the OSM maps in my Android GPS app don't show the spur trail going from Silver Lake to the larger trail up the hill. so I was going to map it out, and go all the way to Kirkwood and back. but I was hauling about 50 pounds, including my drysuit, jackets, and water, so I only made it to the upper trail, turned around, and came back. the first part of the trail has been obliterated by construction and was impossible for me to find. also, seeing telephone junction boxes and exposed fiber optic cable along the trail was disconcerting, and totally destroyed my illusion of roughing it away from civlization.

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