camp managers had blocked off the path by felling a pine across the opening, but I used another chunk of the same tree as a lever to nudge a piece of it out of the way, taking advantage of where it had cracked across another tree. after 3 feet I couldn't get it to go any farther, but as I rested there was a loud snap, a chip went flying from the pivot point, and I could then easily move the ton or so of wood another 3 feet so I could fit the kayak trailer through.

last night in a dream my stomach bloated up with a lighter-than-air gas almost to the point where I lifted off the ground.

pollen floating on the lake is so thick, I can imagine the Indians of this area gathered it right off the surface and dried it out.

after another scary instance of my tablet refusing to show any sign of life, I decided to just leave it plugged into the PowerMonkey, since it was obviously draining it. it worked; after a few hours it was responding again.

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