realized I didn't finish the story of the trek here, just on social media. 62 miles this time, finished in 46.25 hours. the 24-hour point was at La Jolla Shores and Calle Corta. the route is up on mapmywalk.com.

went to Ares and got a polymer lower, BCG, and lower parts kit.

spent $1.75 on NCTD fare to San Clemente, then used the OCTA pass I'd won last October for doing a survey to get me to the VA hospital in Long Beach. only this time I noticed the street numbers going up, and opted out at 2nd thinking it would be a shorter walk to the LB transit center on 1st. big mistake, it was way longer, but interesting. that street had a small-town feel to it: doors open, people looking me in the eye and saying "hi". got to Rock Bottom in time for 2 mugs and some bar food, for which I'm still suffering. got on the 0945 Megabus and got some sleep. about halfway to SF now.

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