sleeping-in dreams are the weirdest. I was in a jail of sorts, actually a building full of labs whose projects were so "out there" that the government didn't know how to regulate them so they just locked everybody up and made them keep working. for some reason FunGuy passed through, looking as dirty as I've ever seen him mucking under his vehicle in the KSR, making jokes with one of the others in the cafeteria. can't remember that guy's name, but he looked similar to, and was sitting next to, a youngish man with sideburns who said he was John Macklethorpe.

since I wasn't a prisoner, I went walking around outside. the last thing I saw before I woke up was huge bugs that were parasitic to some kind of woody succulent like agave. and don't ask me about the room with floors covered with shredded cheese for a pig who wouldn't eat them but instead tore apart all the plants.

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