having a second bottle of Pacifico at HarkerBoard in honor of the end of alcohol prohibition so many years ago. looks more and more like marijuana prohibition will end as well.

my underarm guards are working out better than I remembered. I'll have to update the WikiHow page with the new, improved, harness.

thinking about my upcoming trip back to the Estados Bandidos. a bit worried that I might be singled out for indefinite detainment for my increasing intolerance for the police state. but I have hope that a goodly percentage of Border Patrol personnel are OathKeepers and on my side, and if something negative pops up on their computer screen they'll let me quietly slip back into Tijuana. I also plan to give people a heads up on my day of arrival so hopefully someone can be watching for me in San Diego.

exciting times. we are either headed into a worldwide spiral into tyranny and genocide, or a global awakening into glorious Freedom. if you're a praying person, please beseech your favorite deities for the latter.

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