my cold hasn't gotten much worse since Wednesday evening, but while the throat may be better, a sinus problem has kicked in. nevertheless, I'm hoping for a speedy recovery.

I was thinking about two other things that could be helping to hold people in old thought patterns. I've already talked a lot about names of weekdays and months, but how about playing cards? I don't have Internet at the moment so I can't look it up, but who are the mysterious aces, who rank higher than kings? could they be the elites referred to as Great Pirates by Buckminster Fuller?

then there are numbers, and the 24-hour partitioning of days, and the bases for years, among them the Chinese, Jewish, and Gregorian. with an efficient way of verbally representing large numbers, it would be possible to count years from the beginning of the universe; how cool would that be? how better to open up young minds to limitless possibilities? and by trashing all the old words that hold our minds in bondage to ancient thought patterns, we ditch all the old gods and demons. children raised for a few years under such a system would be fairly immune to any mental conditioning attempted to be imposed out in the "real world".

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