yesterday was interesting. I walked out to the southeast corner of the city to get my Android tablet looked at, and just before I hit Tenochtitlan street, a guy at a military checkpoint hassled me, asking for ID and having me open my drybag for his drug-sniffing dog to check out.

anyway I dropped it off at Ganes PCs after the guy checked that it wasn't necessarily my charger at fault, as his couldn't charge it either.

our couchsurfing guest, Curtis, who is bicycling from Alaska to the tip of Argentina, told me that all long-distance bicyclists get numb hands like I do. he says it's carpal tunnel, which makes sense but I never thought of it that way.

we had dinner last night at Los Cayucos, where Terry Townson was supposed to be playing with the band. not only did he show up, but he and his guests joined us at the same table!

also yesterday I finally found a tube for the bike I bought, at the Italika dealer on Obregon a block or two north of Chedraui.

I'm getting better on the Ripstik. made it maybe 20 feet yesterday nonstop. as soon as I can get around the little park I'll probably try it on the Malecon.

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