since seeing the hype on Facebook, I've been drinking lemon water on waking up lately. can't say it's anything great, but at least it doesn't upset my stomach, and lasts me a few hours before I need anything else.

like Satan, I went to and fro about La Paz, walking up and down in it. at the AutoZone to the east, on 5 de Februario and Forjadores, I got the shrink tubing I needed, and found a 2-conductor trailer cable, something I wasn't able to find at the other one.

luckily, 5 de Feb has street signs, so was able to find Primo de Verdad on the way back, and found the chemical store somewhere around Allende. but that store was closed. luckily again, the owner was there and gave me a lift to the new location, a few blocks away. they had rented that old location for 20 years, and now he's in his own place, on Juarez just east of Ramirez. they had Potassium Hydroxide, 100g of student-grade stuff, 85% or thereabouts, for MXN70. not bad. they didn't have Sodium Chlorite, but they did have a 10% aqueous solution of Sodium Dichloride for MXN200. I got that too.

didn't make it out to Fymsa this week. maybe next week sometime.

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