finding little treasures here and there. a few days ago it was a small, young coconut that had fallen off a tree during the night and hadn't split. cut a hole in it and drank the juice. not much, but what there was was delicious.

today I found a larger older coconut whose juice was probably too far gone, and I don't need a laxative so I broke it open for the meat. tore it into pieces and added it to the leftover cauliflower I had for dinner.

also, this morning I found a large sponge washed up on the beach, and carried it closer to the malecon so it could dry out somewhat. went and fetched it late this afternoon and brought it home. it stinks horribly, but I'll leave it outside as I use it up piece by piece. with the sand embedded in it, the pieces I tear off make great scrubbers to remove built-up scale in the toilets. as I scrub, the sponge breaks apart and I can just flush down the pieces like any other crap. yes, I'm still totally against flush toilet technology but until I can afford my own place to experiment with composting I'm "shit out of luck".

also found some mussels washed up on shore the other day, attached to the base of seaweed. they were still closed, so probably were still OK to eat, but since I don't know about "red tide" and resulting neurotoxins down this way, I passed on them.

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