it's hard finding food here in Mexico that fits all 3 criteria:

bread from the panaderia comes close. it's 4 pesos for a roll (bolillo), and if you're quick and insistent, they won't force a plastic bag on you.

for about 30 pesos, you can get a much more filling disposable container of Sinaloa-style chicharrónes, but as I understand it's factory-ffarmed pork, and it comes in one of those nasty little styrofoam trays all covered with plastic. so it fails on all counts. but I like it.

somewhere in the middle is the 15-peso bag of toasted almonds from Waldo's. it's fairly filling, not too unhealthy except for the oils they're cooked in, and there's only a tiny mylar bag to throw away.

another unhealthy choice I go for sometimes is Thrifty ice cream. 29 or 30 pesos for a cone (a peso less on the malecon for whatever reason) and the only waste is the napkin with which they hand it to you. it's sugary but delicious and filling.

then there are the taco places, with tacos from 13 to 17 pesos, but if you don't have your own plate they serve them on a plastic-bag-covered plate so they don't have to wash dishes.

I spend a lot of the day in coffeeshops buying and drinking coffee so I can use the free wifi. but there's no good food in most of them, only overpriced pasteles. so I go around getting food here and there, and only spend about 20 pesos average on a cup of coffee, plus tip.

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