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there were cops with a dog sniffing for something just this side of the border. didn't bother me, and walked right past the baggage checkers on the Mexico side without being pulled out of line for inspection.

took the most direct route this time. a Mexican police truck was riding the border fence but he left me alone too. when I got to the steps leading down to the creek, an old indigenous woman had a little fire going right next to the fence. "debo pasar?" dije. "sí" dijo. "gracias". brutal schlepping up the next hill in the dust, having to carry the bags. but I'll never have to do it again unless someone wants to trade me a GoPro in exchange for exclusive footage.

stopped at HuaHuis at the top of the hill for an Indio and some tacos de mariscos. life is good. I made it. the airport is easy from here, about 1.5 miles, and I have over 12 hours to get there.

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