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from The Pennymon Doctrine, I got an answer to why the store that Mike Brown "robbed" didn't file a complaint. tl;dr: he didn't rob it.

Here's Cir L'Bert, recalling a conversation with Mike Brown's cousin, starting at about 1:06:54:

From what I understand, he... he and his friend went into QuikTrip to get cigarillos, whatever else... [...] so they go in there and Mike goes to buy these Swisher Sweets, whatever... who knows what they were... [...] he has them in hand, he has money out, the guy's like: you have the Swishers, I'm taking the money... basically, says "Oh wait", (this is the shop owner) "I need to see your ID" (forgot to ask him), and Mike Brown is like "I don't have my ID", like, "I live here, really, I just want to buy these." And the shop owner, being the shop owner, there are good and bad ones -- not selling to someone without an ID doesn't mean you're bad; it doesn't mean you're good. He was like "Well, I'm not going to sell them to you." And... you know, I'm 29 now, and I've been 18 before, so I understand this next thing that happened: Mike Brown gets pissed, and that's kind of where the tape that you see picks up, that's where he's basically throwing the cigarillos on the ground, and well the shop owner basically is like "Hey, don't be a dick", basically, gets in his face, he does what a lot of 18-year-olds would do, shoves him back. And that's when he walks out. So... from... you know, I wasn't really able to talk to or see anyone who claimed to see the shooting, so that's the story I heard, that I hadn't heard in the media, was that he attempted to pay for this... he never left the shop with it.

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