took my oxyacetylene rig out to a friend's shop yesterday, both so I'd have relatively safe storage while gone, and so he could use it for his own projects. this was the first time I'd taken it any distance assembled, and I hadn't considered the extremely likely probability of the regulator adjustment screws, both loose, falling out on the 5-mile trip with a hand truck. so I lost the one for acetylene. fuck. now it's useless to him unless he can find one the right size. I have no idea if it's standard or not.

if you've been following my blog, you might remember I have this problem a lot. the Razor scooter I ended up abandoning in Chico after losing the connecting bolt. numerous radio antennas. Dromedary bag caps. I've rigged ugly, amateurish SAPs (secondary points of attachment) to many of my more valuable items, but wish to holy fuck more engineers would design this shit in. but I realize that's too much to expect in a world where public bathroom doors are still built so that people have to soil their hands on the door handle while exiting, after washing.

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