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yesterday as soon as I got home, I desoldered the lamp part from one Ray-O-Vac headlamp and soldered it into the unit that had leaked salt water. in the process I found the source of the leak: where the cable from the taillamp entered the headlamp. the first one I had bought had a tight seal, but the ones I bought this year both did not. so after the repair I krazyglued both at that point to hopefully seal out any water. and now I have two working headlamps. I tweeted @rayovac and they responded, so I might even have 3 if customer service comes through.

tested my "vehicle" modeled off one I saw in La Paz, which has 4 swivel casters, and even on the smooth surface of the garage floor it spun around to the right without moving forward. I'm suspecting it's because I drilled the holes crooked. going to re-drill and try again. the concept seemingly must be sound if back-and-forth motion of the front "axle" (2x8) produces motion; it's just "rotary motion" and I want "forward motion".

made another batch of kraut with red cabbage and broccoli stems. the addition of wild mustard and fennel to the last batch turned out great.

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