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an antitamper T10 bit is needed to open a Craftsman 19.2V drill battery pack. inside are 16 1.2V C cells, presumably NiMH. bought some more trailer extensions to make more modular power adapters.

had this idea for a while to use old wicker baskets for starting clones of Ilex Cornuta and other plants I wish to cultivate. when they start to develop roots I should be able to plant the whole thing, and the root system can eventually just push the wicker apart.

had ice cream for brunch today, a small container of Three Twins chocolate at Whole Foods. disappointed that neither the lid nor the cup had anything stamped on them regarding recyclability or compostability.

just woke up from a siesta on La Cresta ridge. so far nobody has stolen any of my stuff. the big test will be the 6 months I'm in Mexico.

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