taking apart a GE oven for repairs, in this case model JTP 11WP3WG: open door slightly, then lift it straight up off the hinges and set aside. later, pull out those hinges by hand, being very careful the powerful springs don't smash your fingers against the frame, and locking them at about 30 degrees out with the hinged tabs there for that purpose. then you can easily slide the door back on the hinges.

once the door is out, locate the screws (as many as 6) holding the oven to the cabinets on each side. remove those, then pull the oven out to where you can get at whatever you need to get at. one of the first things you might want to disassemble at that point is the instrument panel; there are 3 screws on each side. remove the top 2 of those 3, then swing it down to expose the maintenance manual and schematic, folded up in a little pocket. from there you can more easily troubleshoot the solution. for me, the F2 code plus the info in the manual gave me what I needed; the "sensor", a "resistive thermocouple" whatever that is, measures over 100K resistance where it should be only about 1.1K. this sensor's connector is easily undone from the top of the back (accessed by sliding the oven almost completely out), and the unit itself is removed with two P2 screws inside the oven, at the top back right.

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