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got past the gauntlet and out of the Tijuana airport about 1530. when the agent profiled me, called me aside and asked for my passport, I had butterflies in my stomach. but that was all he wanted to see.

my exploration of the direct route back, along the border fence, was an unqualified success. that spot of green on the satellite image that seems to block the path is lush growth, mostly cane of some sort. there was a brook to cross (on rocks) and steps with friendly dogs on them, but no problems whatsoever. photos should appear in my Facebook timeline over the next few days.

I was waiting in line at the border crossing at 1630, and on the trolley at 1705. rather than refuse to answer the border guard's impertinent question "where are you headed?" I opted to just give the relatively uninformative "right here, San Diego."

I caught the 30 from Broadway and 1st about 1800, and got off at Torrey Pines and La Jolla Shores Road to catch the 101 to Oceanside at 1915. arrived at Oceanside 2124, all for 7 dollars, two being for the Compass card. not bad.

when riding backwards in the trolley, at each stop I feel as though I'm moving forward, i.e., against the train travel. it takes all my concentration to counter my mind's assertion that the train is inching backwards.

had a Ranger IPA at Larry's on Oceanside Blvd, which I followed with a Stella, then a Red Bull. walked/jogged the bike path for a bit, found a couch set up along it and crashed for maybe 20 minutes. eventually made it to Denny's where I'm typing this on my iPod. at 5 or so may start walking to the other end of town to Starbucks, or just to the transit center to get the bus and save some money.

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