in a recurring dream I've got hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes to the good, but most of the time in debt. early this morning was one of the bad ones; I was outside a Wells Fargo bank, and remembered I hadn't made payments on a credit card for years, and was debating whether or not to go in and find out how much I owed. in the dream I had once given them the address of a house I had bought and never moved into, so I hadn't received any of the bills.

then I was a passenger in a car, and a certain someone was driving backwards on a grassy area built up hundreds of feet above ground on concrete, like a dam. I asked something like "are you sure about this?" and got a reply like "don't worry" just moments before hitting a bump, going over a curb and down, down to the hard concrete below. my first shout was "I told you! and you didn't listen", but then thought better of it and yelled "I love you _______!" but she apparently didn't hear me, she had already crossed her hands over her chest and her face had relaxed into a pose appropriate for burial. I couldn't get back to sleep after that. however, I know better than to equate dream-people with the corresponding real-life people. they are not the same, and more often than not, completely opposite in one or more characteristics.

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