Do not rejoice when your enemy falls,
and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles, ...
--Proverbs 24:17
when Dwayne Ferguson got arrested recently many gun advocates were cheering the news and are hoping for the maximum penalty. however gloating, as even that questionable source of moral advice the Bible indicates, may not be productive, and in this case is downright wasteful.

here is a perfect example of what we "gun nuts" warned: laws like the SAFE act do nothing to stop evildoers from killing and maiming as they wish, but only serve to penalize otherwise law-abiding citizens. here is a perfect chance for gun-rights activists to use Dwayne as an example of how this law makes a criminal out of a good person, and advocate for a total revocation of that hastily drafted (or diabolically crafted -- take your pick) law, followed by pardoning Ferguson and expunging his record. the NAACP and the black community in general might be persuaded to join forces with the NRA for a repeal of the act, which has shown its true destructive nature in this single incident, of which many more are sure to follow.

it's our choice: reap a few days of smug satisfaction in gloating, or use this to push an agenda of tolerance and freedom for the good of all.

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