as I tweeted earlier, I started mining betacoin after seeing it's one of the newest active cryptocurrencies. probably won't have any luck with it, either, but it keeps me off the streets.

went to FYMSA today and bought some iron rod, 3/4" and 1/4", for some projects. turns out the 3/4 is just a bit too large for the wheels I already bought. I'll have to file down the ends. that could be a real job. eventually I'll have to make some kind of half-assed lathe.

didn't have a clue how to ask for what I wanted, so first I snuck out the back door and looked through the yard; everything was, fortunately, labeled. but then I realized I might need to cut the 6-meter-long rods before I could schlep them back, so went to the tool shop next door and bought a hacksaw. then back into the supply store and ordered the redondos I mentioned earlier.

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