still getting "CLONE ERROR". tested the cable; from each 3/32" plug to the opposite CT-91 4-ring connector, the grounds (ring nearest the base) match, the tips are both unconnected, and the two middle rings are swapped; that is, if you label the rings from 0 being the ground (the base, opposite the tip) then the CT-91 plug is 0-1-2-X and the 3/32" plug is 0-2-1. when the whole thing is together, from one CT-91 plug to another of course you should have 0-1-2-X. when I turn one on in clone mode (holding MONF while pressing ON) the other's LED lights cyan.

when I put the new one into "CLONE WAIT" using the V/M key, it sits there at CLONE WAIT just fine until I press BAND on the other, turning it (the old radio) into CLONE TX, the waiting (new) radio instantly says "CLONE ERROR", which should mean that it got something from the old radio and didn't like what it saw. the old radio, after maybe 15 or 20 seconds, then lights up and shows CLONE ERROR also.

stumped. online forums mention seating problems with the CT-91 but I've got them both screwed in as tight as they'll go. besides, if the circuit wasn't complete why would I get the error as soon as I attempt to send?

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