forgot to mention the other day that I followed up the plums with a sprig of fennel leaf and munched some of the buds. gave me a nice licorice taste on top of all the sugars in the fruit, and made me feel like I'd eaten a whole box of licorice candy but without the guilt.

Grocery Outlet had 3L boxes of Black Box "Sweet Red" wine on sale for $5.99, the equivalent of $1.50 per bottle. it's really not all that sweet, it has some character to it. I'll probably get some more if the sale is still on tomorrow. there's also an Almaden sweet red, same price but for 5L, which I might give a try.

got me a LifeStraw from Amazon for TEOTWAWKI or my next camping trip, whichever comes first. I drank some of the Loon Lake water, after boiling it, but the quantity of suds on shore made me a little uneasy about it.

bought me a large dowel today, going to try making a fruit press out of it and then try a microbatch of plum wine with the last fruit from that tree.

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