went foraging today. the plum trees of La Cresta ravine are long since barren, but there are still lots of blackberries. I used to avoid those shriveled, dried-up berries but found that you can just pinch them off and they're still delicious, in fact almost pure sugar. then coming out on Dana St. there was an apple tree with a basket of picked apples free for the taking; I took one and walked on. downtown I wasn't surprised to see the loquat tree on 2nd St. had already lost its fruit, but the one green-leaved plum tree down by the river off McNear Circle still had hundreds of perfectly ripe purple plums with orange pulp inside. stuffed my face for about 5 minutes and left. washed up at Walnut Park and drank about a quart of water.

also, the prickly pear I had planted about 3 years ago on La Cresta ridge had died, but someone had taken a leaf of a different variety and planted it in its place! let's hope this one fares better.

the rice I had taken to Loon Lake had gotten wet and sprouted, and some also got moldy. I threw it all out, but along the Petaluma River bank in the hopes that some of it would grow.

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