While waiting for the pre-arranged time to meet my client, I had a bowl of lentil soup at Palmyra for $3.80 including tax. A young lady walked by in a blue-and-white outfit including short shorts, leggings, and a samurai-style long sword on her back. I predict someday a rapist's last words will be "but she was asking for it...".

After the job, I went and found noisebridge, pushed the middle buzzer, waited for a voice asking what I wanted, but just got buzzed in instead. Walked to the 3rd floor, looked around at the oscilloscopes, dozens of old computers, a collection of old 8-bit microprocessors and microcontrollers, and an assortment of hackers, mostly younger than me, sitting at desks, on couches, and at a big table mostly engrossed in their electronics. Said hello to a few but nobody seemed interested in conversing, so I moseyed on out after a while.

On my way back to Divisadero, there was a black guy riding a shopping cart down one of those steep San Francisco hills, just dragging a foot behind as a mostly-ineffectual brake. I saw him roll through one intersection unscathed, and wasn't curious enough to go back down the hill to see how he fared at the bottom.

When I approached the Presidio, I found Diane Feinstein's mansion at Lyon and Vallejo, stood for a moment in front of the big iron-gated door, raised both fists and shouted FREEEEEDOOOMMM! Cathartic, but probably useless, as nobody seemed to be home.

Got to the Golden Gate bridge stop just about sunset, and caught the 101 Express about 8:50.

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