So it seems Sam Woo never closed after all! But their prices are up. Stopped at Mayflower first but they asked to see cash first and that reminded me of how rude they've always been. Anyway, after going to an ATM I found Sam and got the brisket with special sauce and a bowl of rice.

Union Station and surroundings are changing! Starbucks and Ben & Jerry's now inside. It's the age-old process of gentrification once those at the top of the local power structure have bought up all the key pieces of real estate they want. Then they send in the thugs in blue to chase out the crackheads while they lease, rent, and sell to upscale clientele. Once the area has been milked for what it's worth, tell the police chief that the ACLU is giving you a hard time, leave the homeless alone. Ghettofication commences, prices drop, and the same controlling elites buy it all back for pennies. Rinse and repeat. As long as they pace themselves slowly and keep the cycles going for at least 40 years, few realize what's going on, and you can just label them conspiracy kooks.

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