The Fatburger in Pacific Beach was a mistake, but I remembered meeting the owner at Lake Atitlan in 2007 or 2008. He had opened a restaurant of the same name there, can't remember if in Panajachel or San Pedro la Laguna.

Anyway, it didn't go down well, it wasn't that great, with tax it was almost $5 and service was very slow, possibly over a half hour wait.

Washed out my two wool shirts in the bay today, but they still aren't dry and now I'm cold even with my coat on. Should be OK once I start walking though.

Seems I've lost or misplaced my backup USB key. I thought it was in the waterproof bag around my neck, but it's not there and though a hole has appeared in it, the hole isn't big enough for it to fit through.

I've been at a Starbucks in La Jolla for a while. Should be in Oceanside sometime tomorrow.

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