Sheriff Doyle, it was right about here, exiting highway 101 onto Atherton Avenue, from the north, walking against the traffic as per the CVC, that I was unlawfully detained and searched: [Google Maps].

The CVC prohibits pedestrians and bicycles on freeways where posted, and the stretch of 101 between Petaluma Blvd. South and Atherton Avenue in Novato is not so posted on either end. There is a sign on the shoulder of the southbound exit stating PEDESTRIANS PROHIBITED, but that contradicts CVC 21956 and common sense, as evidenced by the sign a few feet north that states BICYCLES PEDESTRIANS MUST EXIT. In any case, I was not walking on that side, and Deputy Jones told me, wrongly, that I should have been.

So I have to assume that you do not understand what you were told, or you were lied to.

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