Finally had some luck with my "heat box", just a piece of rolling luggage full of fleece and wool clothing; this time I used a full bag (maybe about 3 pounds dry) of beans, two pieces of hambone, and enough water to fill to about an inch from the top of a large, deep, skillet. Soaked overnight, poured off the soak water, and rinsed. Filled back up with water. That step was to help avoid flatulence, which so far hasn't worked, but worth a try. Anyway, then I cooked for about a half hour before putting in my heat box, packing the clothing around and on top of the skillet covered with a glass top. After about 5 hours I reheated again and put back in for maybe 2 hours more before dinner. By dinnertime the beans were nice and soft, and tasted good. But I didn't eat very many, to avoid being a "party pooper" tomorrow.

Anyway, after dinner I added some fennel seeds and bay leaves, which I had forgotten before, and put back on the stove for a few minutes, and put it back in the heat box for the night. Hoping they'll be even better by tomorrow.

Might have jury duty next week. Got to remember to check each evening, because if I'm ever late I'll be rescheduled for another week.

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