A few weeks ago I made a tincture of walnut husks -- not black walnut, the other type whose name I can't remember -- by slicing the husk off the immature nut and placing the slices in what remained of my vodka. After a few weeks I poured the black, aromatic result into my hip flask and have been sipping it since. I meant it to be a parasite cleanse, but its flavor is so pleasant I enjoy my little swigs. Anyway, I had what appeared to be a poison oak itch on my lower left leg; scratching it just made it itch more. I put some of that tincture on it, and the itching immediately stopped, and hasn't come back. This morning I had the same thing happen to my right foot. In the sunlight I could actually see it, and it looks bad, a swollen rash. The tincture isn't working as well on that, but the itch is under control.

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