Blew a tire about 14 miles east of Red Bluff this evening, and had AAA come out and change it since there was no good place to pull over and we lacked flares. When we finally got to the cabin I made two honest 1/2 pound burgers out of grass-fed beef and we wined and dined.

Since I got my first fast Conway's Life program running a couple of days ago, it's been hard to tear myself away from it to get any real work done. The correlation between this simple system and the world as we know it, with primitive peoples being subsumed by pathologically growing "civilized" cultures, represented in Life respectively as the simple stable and bistable patterns, and those that exhibit exponential growth, is fascinating and addictive to me.

A more pleasant surprise awaited us at the cabin. Expecting big piles of sawdust from the carpenter ants, there was almost nothing. Finally the boric acid did its work, after two years of no substantial results. Stubbornness and sticktoitiveness brought some respite at last. They, almost undoubtedly, are still somewhere in the rafters, but for the moment at least are not visible in the living room.

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