Roger Pion has pled not guilty to the charges against him, a good move as he has a lot of support nationwide. Hopefully few Americans agree that a violent overthrow is the only option left to us, because there are several.

The first and best, in my opinion, would be to elect our revolution. Write in Ron Paul, or vote Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein, or Rocky Anderson. Any of these votes will send a message to the ruling class that we're tired of business as usual, no matter which of the two chosen peanut-heads wins. And if by some miracle a third-party candidate wins, it could begin a new era in American politics.

If that fails, it will probably be due to fear or apathy, the electorate believing that only a vote for the "lesser of two evils" is a workable option. And since the country is pretty evenly split over which is the lesser evil, the evil we get stuck with for another 4 years is a toss-up; but will not be good for us or for the country.

Our options then would be to make ourselves heard with the least possible destruction. Property damage such as Pion allegedly committed could be useful. If after several incidents like that, the powers that be still seem intent on crushing our freedoms, initiating wars we don't want, and piling more debt upon our children's children, then we would have to escalate to hurting certain individuals, such as the most corrupt judges, politicians, bankers, police. But why kill someone when blinding him or breaking a bone will suffice? Once you've killed someone you can never make it right with that person.

Has violent overthrow ever really accomplished anything? Doesn't it always end up with a "new boss, same as the old boss"? Let's keep the violence, if any, to an absolute minimum. Otherwise many innocents will be killed, because violence is the home ground of the state. Let's send a message, and when the message is understood, the worst of the evil will be voluntarily stopped.

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