In one of last night's dreams I was part of some military group in a playa similar to the Black Rock Desert area. One of the guys had what looked like an inflatable pontoon with black fabric wings attached. He got a running start and jumped with it, and flew about 3 feet off the ground for a couple hundred yards. I was impressed in the dream, but on awakening realized it must be one of those low-G worlds I'm always visiting.

In another dream, I was starting at a school or a job, can't remember which, and was given the use of one of their computers for training purposes. It had a thumbprint-sized black rectangular Restart button just NW of the center of the screen, and on powerup that always had to be pressed to get to something useful; I was thinking how sloppy the engineering was.

There was something else more important from that second set of dreams that I was sure I would remember, but of course it evaporated.

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