Green coffee beans realization: a few years ago I thought I was getting a great deal on green beans at $3/lb. At the Aramburo grocery in La Paz, they had same-sized bags of green and roasted coffee. Guess what? The green beans felt at least twice the weight of the roasted beans. I was saving little if any by buying them. A better bet, if one wants to experiment with roasting, might be to buy a light roast and take it from there.

I noticed my left leg starting to peel last night. Right leg finished healing a few days ago. Weird; they both started off the same.

Molar still bothering me some, but not getting noticeably worse at least. Might hold out till I get to New Mexico later this spring, and I can hopefully get a root canal at Dr. Salazar's.

Tried roasting almonds as a coffee substitute, no go. They grind into almond butter, which gummed up my grinder. They taste good though. There's some of the almond butter in the cup I'm drinking now, but it's mostly coffee.

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