Got the wifi job finished on time thanks to lots of help from the people at City of the Sun. I wish I could have done better, but hopefully it was a net improvement. Still, there was one point where we were getting 1.1MB/s across the backbone link, and after I lost that, the best I could get was about 220KB/s. And that was after an hour or so of fiddling with the antenna.

Spent some hours in Deming with Sean, who's been following my blog for years but we'd never met until yesterday afternoon. He drove me out to the Cabinet, a little piece of art in the desert reminiscent of Burning Man, or perhaps more, Slab City. Then to the Deming brewpub for a Pancho Villa Stout, quite tasty. I went back solo, later, after finding out my train would be late, and had a pint of their amber ale, which I liked even better, and was $1 off thanks to Happy Hour I guess: $3.

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