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Distracted driving: I was calculating in my mind the number of miles in 7.5km when I almost blew through a stop sign. If someone hadn't warned me, it would have surely happened. It doesn't require a cellphone: anything short of 100% concentration on the job at hand, driving the car, can get someone killed.

Speaking of which: one of our kayaking friends disappeared today. Nobody had seen him for about 2 hours. I decided to call in an SOS on marine band channel 16; the Coast Guard sent a chopper and a Park Ranger boat, located our man, and brought him home. Another kayaker went back to get his boat and tow it in. Happy ending.

Alan Korwin, with whom I strongly disagree on some things, got one thing majorly right today: Diplomatic Carry. Any thug from an oppressive regime has full right to pack heat in this country, any local laws notwithstanding. But US Citizens are, in most places, restricted in that right. This is wrong. We should all have Diplomatic Carry status.

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