I read the news today, oh boy...

When I jogged downtown and stopped at Evil Corporate Coffeehouse for my regular, there was the New York Times someone had left behind. On the front page was a story about military documents left behind in a junkyard that gave details about our Marines killing Iraqi civilians as a daily occurrence; something I'd already heard from other sources, notably WikiLeaks, but this was even more in-your-face.

And also on the front page was news that the government was again on the brink of shutting down, due to dithering over the payroll tax cut. They can't agree on how to fund it. But chances are they'll just punt, as they always seem to do. Of course, I wish they'd just shut down, close the doors, go home, have an auctioneer sell off the furniture, and make a Museum of Fascism and Fraud out of what's left.

Inside there was an op-ed that started "THE Occupy Wall Street protests have come and mostly gone, and whether they continue to have an impact or not, [blah, blah, blah]"... are you kidding me, Gar Alperovitz? "Mostly gone"? Please pull your head out of whatever cavity it's in and get with the program.

Anyway, just glad I don't indulge in that brainwasting activity too often. Besides all the mental prions making a sponge out of a rational mind, it's depressing as hell.

But there was one sign of hope: a bunch of working-class Chinese put up roadblocks and armed themselves with homemade weapons after a man delegated to negotiate with the government died in custody, apparently tortured to death. Occupy China! Occupy Everywhere!

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