Status on clusterFix: boots, runs, saves image fine with both Qemu and Bochs as a virtual floppy. Boots from the MBR of a USB key on real hardware, but crashes on "save" and the image is unbootable afterwards. Still need to do a post-mortem. From a partition on a USB key, it starts to boot but hangs somewhere in the first int 0x13, with AH = 8, for obtaining the disk geometry. And the SI register should be pointing to the partition table, but it has 0xAA55 instead. Something really strange there. Qemu can't boot it from a partition at all, it loads the wrong sector into 0x7C00... I probably didn't specify the right geometry in the Makefile. Haven't tried with Bochs yet, guess that should be my next step. Finally was able, with sshwartz's help, build Bochs with internal debugging enabled; and while it still is missing two-thirds of the graphics-mode screen as Qemu is, at least the top part of the screen shows the same thing as Qemu does now, instead of being all black.

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