The clusterFix project, built on the last Public Domain release of arrayForth, is almost at release stage. The pmode image boots up fine on my laptop and goes through the hoops to get from real to protected mode and back, but somehow the newboot.cf binary crashes while switching to real mode from protected. I haven't been able to figure it out on Qemu, even with gdb, because it just GPFs on the retf with no explanation. I suspect it's something to do with the stack, but haven't tracked it down yet. Also, Qemu loses track of the PM flag, and shows it in real mode even though it's clearly executing 32-bit code.

Bochs, on the other hand, gets stuck in an I/O loop, so it never fully boots. That's probably fixable with some option in the bxrc file, but I haven't investigated that enough, either.

Plus, now that I've gotten Twitter OAuth working I'd like to build a GA (#Occupy General Assembly) online app with it, so my attention is divided. And, I still need some working jobs to get myself out of debt. Though some of my fellow conspiracy nuts now believe it's the Occupiers who will be the first to be rounded up into FEMA camps, there's also the hypothesis that they will first be used as debtors' prisons. No point in giving the gummint any more reasons to incarcerate me.

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