Went for a jog here in the foothills this morning, and twisted my right ankle a bit. Saw some plums, mostly dried up but a few still juicy, so went back later to pick them. Got only 20 or so, not enough to make a wine. Will have to come back earlier next year.

Also picked some acorns. The large round green ones aren't very bitter at all, but the thin pointed brown ones are exceedingly so. I'm soaking the green ones, cut 4 ways, in cold water to see if I can leach out what little bitterness and cyanide taste (like peach pits) out.

The other things I picked that I didn't recognize turned out to be unripe buckeye nuts. Threw them out; my experience with buckeyes is too recent to do any more experimenting just yet.

Many, many deer, cat, and coon (or similar) prints on the trails here. The animals probably come down every day to Plum Creek to drink.

The other day I got an idea about how to represent reputation in an online system. Remember the quadrant someone came out with a few years back, that had liberal-conservative on the X axis, and libertarian-authoritarian on the Y axis? That same idea could arguably be presented on the same axes, but as an isosceles triangle, with libertarian on the upper pointed end, since as one approaches the individual, his liberal-conservative ideas matter little; it's only as he joins with others that such leanings have an effect. Anyway, whether or not you agree with that, anything that can be represented as a triangle can be easily represented with RGB values. A purely individualistic anarchist would be 100% green, and a purely liberal authoritarian would be red. Perhaps the colors should be BGR to match common parlance of "blue" and "red" in the political sphere.

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